Via Palestrina - Milano Marittima
Viale Ariosto – Milano Marittima
Centro Le Cotoniere - Salerno
Complesso Polifunzionale - Novoli
COOP Teodora - Ravenna
Decathlon - Arezzo
Centro Commerciale Auchan Catania
Hotel Michelangelo suites – Milano Marittima
Museo di Arte Contemporanea - Prato
Rotonda Cadorna - Milano Marittima
Università di Modena e Reggio
V Traversa - Milano Marittima

Construction Industry

The term construction industry refers to all the actions, knowledge and activities that enable the construction, maintenance, adaptation, modernization or demolition of a building.

However, it is somewhat restrictive to consider the construction industry a mere production process.

In order for the final product to be considered of quality, it is necessary to carefully plan all the work phases, adopt good construction rules, choose materials that are in accordance with the intended use and skillfully combine traditional processes and technological innovation.

Of course, quality doesn’t necessarily mean luxury, or ephemeral or superfluous, rather it means a construction which, aside from fulfilling the task of being stable, guarantees the safety and well-being of people who use it and, above all, maintains the essential functional and habitable requirements over time.